Office Specialized in Dental Medicine and Face Esthetics

equipped with optimal environmental chemical and radiant sterilization systems

Environment sterile and fully protected, today more than necessary to avoid HIV, B - C Hepatitis and other viral cross contaminations unfortunately existing in other non protected environments... !!!

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To be Professionals in the Medical Field is not only a... job,
It means to deeply believe in it and to be committed up to involving our private lifetime too. 
It 's a true obligation we love, and our patients acknowledge it by gratifying us,  
because they know it is our moral duty to be always available to their needs.

First Visit: 100,00 Euro - 1 h.

Ethics, Professionalism, Passion, Commitment.

36 Years of activity! All clinicians working in the Studio Calvani Office are professionally highly experienced due to many years of Advanced Studies and Teaching Experience in National and International prestigious Organizations. Each single patient is treated according to his chief complaint and specific needs.  All Techniques, Advanced Technologies, and the always Updated Materials, permit precise diagnosis as well as excellent functional and esthetics outcomes. 

The brand new environment is modern, comfortable, rational and safe. All the new Instruments and informatic devices are up to date and respectful of the Italian National Law. This guarantees high service, efficacy and respect for the staff and our patients' healthcare. Furthermore, it allows effective and high quality mouth and face rehabilitations.  We study to make you smile and feel well !
                                                                        Looking forward to serve you in case of need, Have a nice Day !!    

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Agreement, published on the US Embassy Employees intranet site.

ASSIDENT - Dental Agreement used by many Insurance Companies, Health Capitals, Banks, Mutual Aid Societies...

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