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Our Office is located in the prestigious Via Paisiello, ground floor, private entrance, adjacent Private Parking, equipped with the most updated instruments and technologies for the best and most advanced oral and dental care.

The environment have been created with all comforts for our patients. We wish your staying to be highly comfortable and useful while we take care of your needs.

The Hygiene and Sterilization of the environment, together with aroma- and cromo-therapy in the sitting room, allow for a pleasant and fast transit toward the clinical phase ranging from the simple Oral Hygiene, to the most important Implant Surgeries and Prosthodontic Rehabilitations.

The small dimensions of the sitting room want to remind you that you won't sit there for a long time, as we love to be punctual and respectful of our appointments, detail of paramount importance for us all. We don't love to make you awaiting.

We regularly use local pre-anestesia and painless anestesia together with the possibility to operate in office with sedation, verified and performed in teamwork with Specialized Anesthesiologists. This allows us to treat them who have been always psychologically and physically problematic with dental care, to guarantee them ta serene type of treatment.

The Computed Office and the CBCT, Cone Beam Computed Radiology available, are advanced high-tech instruments which allow minimal expositions and incredibly fast and accurate "tridimensional and volumetric diagnostic analysis". Also, we use the Laser Therapy whenever indicated, as an important clinical tool for specific surgical therapies, as well as accelerator in teeth whitening.

All in all these instruments and their proper application help the Office Team to optimize excellent professionalism.

Via G. Paisiello, n.28 - 00198 Roma (Italy)
Tel +39 06 8848444 - Fax +39 06 8559992

Studio aperto il:
Lunedidalle 09.00   alle 19.00
dalle 09.00   alle 19.00
Mercoledidalle 09.00   alle 19.00
Giovedidalle 09.00   alle 19.00
Venerdidalle 09.00   alle 19.00 

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lo Studio è dotato di Parcheggio interno gratuito riservato ai Pazienti
2- Via Paisiello è percorsa dalle seguenti linee di autobus:
360, 223, 217, 910, 52

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