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Dr. Lino Calvani


Cookies are data that are sent by the website and stored by the internet browser on the user's computer or other device (for example, tablet or mobile phone). Technical cookies, preference cookies, statistical cookies, marketing cookies may be installed from our domain and its subdomains.

Cookies are used to improve the User's overall navigation. In particular:

  • They allow you to navigate efficiently from one page of the Website to another
  • They store the name and preferences entered by the User.
  • They allow the User to avoid entering the same information several times during the visit
  • They store the User's consent to the installation of technical cookies, preference cookies, statistical cookies or marketing cookies.

Technical cookies

Cookies of this type are necessary for the correct functioning of some areas of the site. Cookies in this category include both persistent cookies and session cookies. In the absence of these cookies, the site or some portions of it may not function properly. Therefore, they are always used, regardless of user preferences. Cookies in this category are always sent by our Website.

Preference cookies

Preference cookies are anonymous and allow our Website to remember information such as the user's preferred language or city, which the User would otherwise have to enter each time they return to visit the site.

Statistical cookies

Cookies of this type are used to collect information on the use of the Website. The Owner uses this information for statistical analysis, to improve the Website and simplify its use, as well as to monitor its correct functioning. This type of cookie collects anonymous information on the User's activity on the Website, how they arrived and the pages visited. Cookies in this category can be sent from the Website itself or from third-party domains.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are analytical and profiling (therefore not anonymous). Domains are used by third parties to create a profile relating to the User, in order to propose advertising messages in line with the choices expressed by the User himself. The use of these cookies is blocked in advance by this Website and is governed by the rules established by the third parties themselves, therefore, the User is invited to read the privacy information of the third parties if this Website requires the use of this type of cookies.

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