The Office

Our Office - Located in the Parioli-Pinciano district in Via Paisiello 28, street level, has an independent entrance and clear luminous sign,

Parking - Parking in Rome is a gamble! However, around the Office there are many blue and white parking spaces. Furthermore, under our building there is a paid car park with entrance in Via Giovanni Battista Martini and another paid car park in the nearby and parallel Via Saverio Mercadante, under the Parco Dei Principi Hotel.

Public Transportation: 

  • BUS - The following lines pass in front of the office: n. 360, 223, 217, 910, 52.  
  • TAXI - Taxi station 100 meters away in Piazza Verdi.

The Waiting Room - Limited in size because we are punctual and don't like to make people wait. Appointments have a precise timing depending on the treatments.

Hygiene and Sterilization - Sterile and scented environments make treatments ranging from Dental Hygiene to the more complex Reconstructive Implantology safer and more pleasant.

Equipment - The environment is comfortable for both patients and staff, equipped with the most modern technologies to work with the most advanced techniques.

Pre-Anaesthesia and Painless Anesthesia - If useful, the use of dental sedation can also be agreed upon, and practiced in our office in collaboration with colleagues who are specialists in Anesthesia and Resuscitation. This allows us to treat patients who need it.

Diagnostic Radiology and the Digital World allows rapid and precise diagnoses. All tools and materials are advanced and always updated, and optimize the professionalism of our firm.

Via Giovanni Paisiello 28 - 00198 - Roma

Tel +39 06 8559992 -- For "Emergencies": 333-8793500.

From Monday to Friday: from 09.00 to 19.00


Our firm is known by the staff of many embassies and has had a direct agreement with the Embassy of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA since the 1990s. Details of the agreements can be found on the Embassy staff intranet site. The firm is also well known by the staff of other European and International Embassies such as the AUSTRALIAN one.


We collaborate with patients who have insurance coverage with: SENATO, FASI, FASDIR, FASDAC, FISDE, ALLIANZ, ...

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