Facial Aesthetic Medicine

Prof. Lino Calvani

Prof. Lino Calvani has studied Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Face, Neck and Head over the years in Italy and the USA, learning cutting-edge techniques from excellent masters. In fact, in this field, not only is an excellent base of knowledge and experience needed, but also a lot of wisdom and ethics in respect of the Profession and Patients, to improve and help one live one's individuality with serenity, and to appreciate the naturalness of one's face, and of one's own beauty which is also given by individual characteristics.

To Improve Facial Aesthetics

Men and women who want to improve and rejuvenate the appearance of their face come to us, and we always offer individualized natural improvements while respecting the harmony of their features. For many years now we have learned that each of our patients must be helped according to their needs and individual cosmetic possibilities, situations that are carefully analysed, highlighted and explained from the beginning. This serves to make people aware of the characteristics of their face, and the cosmetic possibilities of improvement that can be carried out without changing the characteristics to the point of obtaining the embarrassing results that unfortunately are sometimes seen around.

There are many good substances that can help improve the aesthetics of the face and lips:

1- Revitalizing creams and treatments, in those cases in which they are available because they are useful.

2- We suggest using Botox in all those cases in which skin that is often thin and not very elastic, and excessive mobility of some facial muscles can create even deep wrinkles. Usually the treatment must be repeated after a few months when the effect of the drug begins to lose effectiveness, and each patient learns to recognize the signs of the effect which begins to fade after some time which is individual.

3- We suggest using various types of Fillers depending on the characteristics and needs of the patient's facial skin and other individual problems which are analysed, diagnosed and clearly explained, informing patients of their aesthetic characteristics. Even in these cases the treatment must be repeated every few months depending on the case, and depending on the type of Filler used.

4- If necessary, we finally suggest Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, referring our patients to other Cosmetic Surgeon Colleagues with whom we collaborate, expert professionals who enjoy our utmost trust. This can happen if we understand that the cosmetic therapies that we can use at the studio cannot have any improving results, and would only be a useless expense. In these cases the problem is solved brilliantly in a plastic way. After healing, any post-operative touch-ups are then carried out here at the Office, as are cosmetic maintenance boosters over the years.

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