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The Studio Calvani team has considerable professional experience acquired over decades of advanced studies and teaching at prestigious Universities and National and International Organizations.

"We are the only Private Office in Italy with both US Graduate and Board Certified Prosthodontists and Orthodontists with a long history of teaching experience and positions in US Universities like Tufts, UConn, Harvard, U.Maryland, and also current Active Members of well-known US Organizations".

Together with this experience, new advanced technologies and computerization guarantee great efficiency, allow precise diagnoses and adequate treatments with highly appreciated aesthetic and functional results.

The environment is sustainable, green, comfortable, modern, rational, and safe.


The mission of the Office Team is to improve and solve the aesthetic, phonetic and functional problems of all those who come to us.


Our vision is to help patients, and make them understand that keeping the mouth in optimal conditions is a very important personal and social collective value for our physical and mental health, because the mouth has a close relationship with our body and our life.


We have already healed and rebuilt, and we are still successfully rebuilding and improving simple and complex cases. Aesthetic Medicine often completes our mouth and facial treatments.

Ethics, Professionalism, Passion, Commitment

We are a team of highly qualified and internationally known professionals. We conscientiously dedicate ourselves to our medical profession, a sacrifice that we love and that our family members, colleagues and patients recognize and reward us for. We constantly implement our therapeutic skills and possibilities with passion and commitment, collaborating for years in an organized and sustainable way.

There is no Italian, European, American or other vision or way of seeing things and treating patients, there is only Medical Science and its certainties proven with the scientific method. It is up to our Medical Profession to commit to knowing them all well, and applying them with the same method.

Even if they come to us and we help very demanding people for professional reasons, for us there is no difference between all those we treat. Only the requests and possible problems of each patient are different, which must be resolved while respecting privacy, individual needs and possibilities.

"Being qualified Professionals does not necessarily mean being expensive, just as being expensive doesn't necessarily mean being qualified!" (Prof. Lloyd Miller, Tufts U. Faculty). In this Professional firm the cost of time and services is aligned with the qualified national average for the Italian Specialists category (...much lower than in the US... :)...)

Fundamentals of Treatment Planning

Fundamentals of Treatment Planning

This textbook was written and published in English in 2020 by Prof. Lino Calvani and focuses on how to develop, plan, write and complete in theory and practice a treatment plan in prosthetic and reconstructive dental medicine. One of a kind, it was written for American undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for all those established professionals who wish to update and improve their knowledge and work skills.

Edited and published by Quintessence Publishing Ed.

Igiene Orale
Oral Hygiene Center

Dedicated area in our Office

Orthodontic Center

Highly qualified center of Orthodontics and Pedodontics

Reconstructive Center

Highly qualified Reconstructive and Prosthodontic Center

Estetica Viso
Facial Aesthetic Medicine

Center for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine

Estetica Dentale
Dental Aesthetics

Highly qualified Dental Aesthetics Center


Highly qualified Implant Center


Highly qualified Center of Periodontology

Lettera Ambasciatore


A courtesy letter that I received and publish with pleasure.

The human and professional esteem that I have always had in the intellectual honesty and morality of such a humble and great person is enormous, a feeling shared by many important personalities of the world who, like me, have had the honor and privilege of knowing him, and of appreciate his qualities.

Lino Calvani

 A visit of a "Doctor in Dental Medicine"

Have you ever wondered what we check every time a patient comes to the practice for a visit or check-up?"

I have always been convinced that the commonly used word "Dentist" is ill-suited to those who take this "Profession" seriously, because it is a word that simplifies, limits and does not qualify our many skills well. We are Doctors in Dental Medicine, and it's not just about teeth.

I have often repeated everywhere and in the media, that teeth occupy more or less only 20% of the surface of the mouth of those who have them all. For those who have lost them, this percentage is lower if not completely non-existent, but the mouth is still there and needs to be treated and rebuilt!

Unfortunately, many in good faith associate us only with teeth and gums. Instead, in treating you, we check the entire mouth and everything that is part of it and that is closely connected to the whole body.  

In the mouth we keep under control all the structures that constitute it, such as:

  • The Dental and Edentulous Arches of the Alveolar Bone of the Maxilla and Mandible,
  • The Temporomandibular Joints, the two little knees that you can feel moving under the skin in front of the ears, which articulate the jaw with the skull and allow its movements, and which sometimes snap, crack or hurt in Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD's). They are the Posterior Components of the Occlusion, while Teeth are the Anterior one.
  • All the Muscles of Mastication, which move the jaw in many directions, and which together with the muscles of the face allow us to speak, eat and communicate our feelings with facial expressions,
  • All the Ligaments that connect the maxillary bone with the mandible, and the 4 encephalic nerves pertaining to them, the facial, the trigeminal and its three branches, the glossopharyngeal and the hypoglossal,
  • The Lips both externally and internally, and the internal Vestibules of the lips and cheeks,
  • All the Mucous Membranes of the Cheeks, the Palate, the Floor of the Mouth and the Oral-pharynx, and that of the Maxillary Sinuses, and all their possible alterations and infections that can occur and affect our lives. 
  • The Tongue with its possible anatomical limits and all its multiple functions during swallowing, phonation, chewing, the sense of taste, tactile discrimination, and its Lingual Tonsil, a very important immune organ forming part of the larger immune system sentinel of the upper airways, Waldeyer's Ring,
  • The Salivary Glands and their Excretory Ducts,
  • The Lymphnodes of the head and neck, those immunitary glands which if enlarged can indicate possible lesions and tumors of the oral cavity, which depending on the race, gender, eating habits, use of tobacco and alcohol, are more or less frequent and unfortunately... almost always silent,
  • All the Muscles that connect the head to the neck, and their possible relationship with pathologies of the masticatory system
  • All this and much more such as the combined functions and functionality of mastication, swallowing, phonation, expression of its multiple structures are connected to the mouth, which is connected to our body, and certainly to our skills. It is a "Complex Multifunctional Anatomical System of Sensitive and Delicate Organs", often much more than many other anatomical complexes that make up our body, in it there are not only teeth.

"Knowing how to keep patients' mouths healthy in all its complexity, is of primary and vital importance to keep their entire body and its many functions healthy, as well as for public health. 

Besides all this, Dental Medicine is much more, as we do not ignore and are able to detect many oral pathologies, among which also Oral Cancers that are in "FIFTH PLACE" among all neoplasms that maim and kill so many good people everyday. 

Who else in the field of "Medicine" can and must always do all this if not us Doctors in Dental Medicine who have access to it so often?"

Stay Safe!


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