Integrated Dental Aesthetics

Your Mouth and your Face often say who you are.

Estetica Dentale

The team of this practice uses the best treatments with the latest technologies in the field of the best oral and dental care, in order to achieve the best individualized aesthetic and cosmetic results for each patient. Aesthetic Dental Medicine can help a lot to treat, reconstruct, align, whiten, and give or restore the best presence of a mouth and a smile which allows you to enhance your face with the advantage of interpersonal relationships and the psychological well-being of people.

1- The first important business card for everyone is a beautiful healthy mouth, smelling well, with teeth aligned and harmonized with each other and lighter in color, inserted in the context of a well-groomed and smiling face. The maximum expression of the beauty of a mouth is the "SMILE". When we smile, our lips retract and reveal our teeth and gums, acting as a frame for them.

2- Smile Aesthetics is one of the treatments that are most requested of us. For decades we have been helping everyone regain, improve and maintain their smile. Many well-known Personalities have turned and turn to us with trust and great personal and professional aesthetic needs, and they have all been treated successfully and in compliance with ethics and confidentiality", as have all our patients

3- It is also very important to know that your teeth and gums are the only support for your lips and cheeks!! If these tissues are malpositioned, the shape and position of the soft tissues that rest on them such as the lips and the most anterior part of the cheeks will also be supported in a certain way. And this is more noticeable in thin people.

4- Always evaluate the position of the teeth first, and then think about fillers! Not always but many times it is wrong to think that you can restore naturalness to the lower third of the face by only undergoing filling with fillers. In those cases the mobility and functionality of those filled parts is altered. Facial aesthetics must be carefully studied as a whole from the beginning, otherwise it is no wonder if we see people with swollen and unnatural lips and faces, often all the same.

5- It is useless to have huge lips and cheekbones, and a swollen face (to eliminate wrinkles that are otherwise natural), and then smile and show teeth with obvious aesthetic problems. This doesn't attract anyone and unfortunately we see it every day, because "in many cases the two treatments are not integrated right from their planning". The use of fillers alone, often excessive, ends up sometimes disastrously changing the natural characteristics of many people. It takes judgment and good taste before touching and modifying a face, because often you don't know for sure what the result will be.

RESEARCH ON THE AESTHETICS OF THE MOUTH SAYS: - 1) Some research has discovered that the mouth is the somatic feature of the face that most impresses and conditions our judgment on a person we meet and know. 2) Other Clinical Research has highlighted that when we smile and show our teeth, if they are healthy, clear, aligned and the gums are light pink and healthy, those who look at us experience a positive sensation of beauty, cleanliness, pleasure, availability and attraction towards of those who own them. Otherwise the sensations are problematic. 3) Furthermore, it has also been highlighted that a nice clean mouth and a nice smile are perceived as a sign of greater intelligence because they demonstrate a greater capacity for attention, perception and respect for oneself, and therefore for other people and things. 4) Other studies have shown that the lack of dental harmony can generate a state of anxiety and displeasure in those who observe it, feelings that can affect interpersonal relationships in various ways. 5) Still other studies demonstrate that modifying one's lips and face excessively, as sometimes happens today with the often inappropriate use of fillers, only creates negative sensations and distrust in the beholder, because it is normal to unconsciously and immediately recognize features that have been modified. in an unnatural way, and this often leads to questions of various kinds being asked about that person. The use of fillers must be administered in such a way as not to excessively alter the naturalness of the shapes. 

The Orthodontic Alignment


Aligning teeth can be done at any age and can be achieved with different types of orthodontic techniques depending on clinical and individual needs. We refer informations to the paragraph regarding our Centro di Ortodonzia .

Teeth Whitening


Hereafter we answer to your frequently asked following questions:

NOPE! A lighter color can easily be achieved in the studio with whitening, a treatment that creates absolutely no problems for the teeth, is completely painless, and does not compromise oral health in any way. On the contrary, it has been proven that it helps kill many very harmful anaerobic bacteria such as Streptococcus Mutants and others! (Gursoy et al, 2008)

The gums near the teeth are gently protected by placing a very thin resin dam on them, and the whitening gels are placed only on the enamel. Slowly they introduce oxygen deeper and deeper into the enamel, progressively increasing its ability to refract light, and thus making the color of the teeth increasingly lighter to the eye. Depending on the characteristics of the enamel and the initial color, 3-5 sessions can be expected, separated by a few days. Whitening is usually completed within a month. Time of each appointment +/- 1 hour.

Teeth that are whitened for the first time, during the first year, have a tendency in all people to lose oxygen molecules from the surface of the enamel, and with them also some whitening. Thus, to maintain the original effect, depending on the case, everyone must return after a year to make one or two boosters that reinforce it. Over the course of two-three years at most, the color stabilizes, and the calls become increasingly distant over the years (5th-7th-10th).

Esthetic Reconstructions

In this paragraph we only want to remind you that today it is increasingly easier to aesthetically reconstruct teeth with the many composite resin and ceramic materials such as Microfilled Composites, Ceramic Veneers, Ceramic Crowns, Zirconium, Disilicate Lithium, and other materials that are constantly improved and formulated thanks to new technologies.

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