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Hygiene and prevention


From our first cry, Bacteria and Viruses continue to enter our mouth and body throughout our lives, while we breathe, drink, eat, when we touch it with our hands and with anything else we put into it.

1- There are approximately "700 different species of bacteria" and "dozens of different species of viruses and fungi" that live in our mouths every day.

2- The Total Number of Bacteria existing in the mouth varies from person to person, but for everyone it is in the order of "several "BILLIONS"!!!

3- Bacteria reproduce quickly in our mouth because they feed on the same foods that we leave on our teeth.

4- Only some bacteria are good and we live in harmony with them, all the others are very harmful to our health.  

5- They are "responsible for many diseases and tumors of the mouth and the rest of our organism".

6- They can be transmitted involuntarily to others in many ways: with saliva, with the use of poorly washed cutlery and crockery, and by not taking care of ourselves and others.

7- A Doctor in Dental Medicine may suggest doing "check-ups and cleaning every 3-4-5-6 months". This depends on the individual's ability and willingness to wash ourself carefully, and on the state of health of the patients. Doing it methodically minimizes the amount of bacterial load for ourself, and for others around us to whom we can easily transmit them.   

8- Therefore, being hygienically in order means "doing good to ourselves, is certainly also doing good to the people we love and frequent".


a- The mouth is a true "Middle-Earth".

IN SUMMARY....: Imagine having the door of your house always open. Imagine that, even if you don't want to, a large number of individuals who are not always friends enter the entrance of your house where they start to cause damage (if you let them). Imagine that they then also enter the rest of your home, creating damage and often destruction everywhere that you would never have expected and imagined they could cause! These individuals are the "BACTERIAL PLAQUE", and the house is "YOUR BODY".

So our mouth is like a real "MIDDLE-EARTH", our body's largest entrance to the outside world. Precisely for this reason it is "constantly controlled by the body's defenses, i.e. by immune structures developed through evolution, the Waldeyer Ring". They are sentinels who analyze the liquids, semi-solids and gases that enter and serve us to live, because with them also always enter "countless "BACTERIA and VIRUSES", and limited "YEASTS (FUNGI)".

BACTERIA - In this "MIDDLE EARTH" bacteria, living organisms that reproduce autonomously, find an ideal cultivation medium to live in, because it is warm, it is humid, and because they can hide in many small ravines where they find residues of our foods with which they feed and reproduce quickly. The mouth is always full of bacteria present on all its surfaces, on the lips, tongue, cheek mucosa, palate, gums, and on the teeth, because bacteria are everywhere around us.

BACTERIA feeds on what we feed and eat. So if we do not remove food residues well, we allow them to reproduce in the mouth and colonize all those parts where they can reach. In fact, these microorganisms, staying in the mouth, enter the body both through the oral mucous membranes and by passing through the Oropharynx behind the mouth and the Nasopharynx behind the nose, heading towards many of their target organs such as the Heart, the Lungs, the Kidneys, the Brain, Liver, Bones, Placenta of pregnant women, literally everywhere. In practice, all the bacteria that our immune defenses are unable to kill can go on to create colonies and foci of infection everywhere, with damage that we know well by the name of "INJURIES" and "DISEASES", to the point of creating serious and fatal problems. In fact, there are evident connections between the presence of bacteria and bacterial infections in the mouth and diseases such as Diabetes, Cardio-Vascular Diseases, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Respiratory Diseases, Chronic Kidney Diseases, Hepatitis, and important connections with Cognitive and Neuro-degenerative Diseases such as Alzheimer's, and with various types of CANCER.

VIRUSES - Even for Viruses the mouth is often just a "MIDDLE EARTH", a place of quick transit from which to start to reach their target organs in the body, often those we have just already listed. However, VIRUSES are not living organisms, nor are they capable of reproducing like bacteria. They are nanoscopic multi-shaped protein boxes, much smaller by 10 to 1000 times, containing a strand of DNA or RNA, in practice they are "FRAGMENTS OF LIFE IN SEARCH OF A BODY". In fact, to reproduce they need to enter cells and use their reproduction system, enslaving them to be replicated infinitely, until they die when they have now become just reservoirs full of hundreds, thousands of viruses. Once their mother cell is destroyed, they spread around and everywhere, attacking other cells near and far in their target organs (see the COVID-19 virus, SARS-COV-2, which once arrived in the respiratory system, attacks and infects the superficial cells of the bronchi and lungs), starting the same behavior again: 1-enter, 2-be reproduced infinitely, 3-kill the mother cell and 4-attack others. Sometimes this attack occurs in the mouth, even against some plaque bacteria, and also against some of them that are extremely harmful to us such as Klebsiella pneumonie and Escherichia coli, by means of bacteriophage viruses that kill them to reproduce and then often enter in the rest of our body.

YEASTS - By YEASTS we mean above all FUNGI or FUNGI, which like Bacteria are unicellular organisms that enter and reproduce quickly, and if not controlled by an efficient immune system can cause Mycosis of the oral mucous membranes, the one that most commonly It is called Oral Candidiasis.



When we let the BACTERIAL PLAQUE live undisturbed, it organizes itself by taking small molecules of Calcium and other minerals present in the saliva to build increasingly larger, harder and strongly adherent Aggregation Centers to the teeth, the "TARTAR", concretions that no one can remove with normal hygiene tools that we have at home.

This happens first and most frequently in the Gingival Sulcus, that very small natural ditch of +/- 2 mm. surrounding the teeth. There the bacteria can hide and take refuge where neither the cheeks nor the tongue can enter, and where unfortunately often not even toothbrushes, proxibrushes and dental floss can clean well. Once the first thin layer of calculus has formed, the bacteria continue to thicken it for more or less 10-20 days between formation and mineralization. From this location they continuously attack nearby cells of the gum and bone. This stimulates the more or less prompt response of our immune system, which reacts with an initial inflammation of the attacked tissues (swelling, redness and bleeding). But when the problem increases and their number becomes uncontrollable by our defenses which can do little, some of them begin to increasingly destroy everything around the teeth. In this way "Periodontal Disease" begins, that is, that of the bone and gums around the teeth, an often silent disorder, but which progressively creates serious damage to your ability to chew, speak, smile and, as we have already explained clearly, to the health of your body in general. This must be understood well! It's always better to keep your mouth clean, because that's where so many of our health conditions and problems arise.

Think about it. Where were you swabbed to see if you had COVID? In the nose and mouth, because these are the largest doors of the body, the "MIDDLE EARTH" of Viruses and Bacteria that create many more or less serious diseases.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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