University Life

Memento semper scire! (Remember to always learn!) 

The learning curve of a human being has no time limits, and depends on many things: first is Curiosity, second is Passion, third is Humility, ...

Dante wrote: "Consider your seed. You were not made to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge."

(Divine Comedy. Ulysses to him, Verse 119; Canto XXVI; Inferno)

If we all did this, everyone would live better.

Lino Calvani

La Sapienza

La Sapienza

La Sapienza is the largest University of Rome and Italy, one of the oldest in Italy. Located in a central area of the city, it is an important center of Roman, Italian and entire Mediterranean studies. In fact, there are many foreign students who crowd its desks. Dr. Lino Calvani studied and successfully graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery before leaving to continue his studies in Prosthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry in the United States, England and Greece. Dr. Rossi Morandini and Dr. Mario Chieffo also initially learned the Profession there.

Tufts University


TUFTS University School of Dental Medicine is the second largest dental school in the United States. It is located in the center of Boston, Massachusetts, and is the School in which Dr. Lino Calvani has specialized and taught since 1991. It is located in a very modern clinical and research center located in a central area of Boston, the TUFTS Medical Center. It is famous and known throughout the world for having trained many famous professionals, and because thanks to its clinical skills important Personalities in the history of the United States have also been treated there.


Harvard Logo

The HARVARD University Dental School is also located in Boston, smaller in size, but with a name certainly among the most famous in the world, because some of its faculties have trained very illustrious scientists, Nobel Prize winners, as well as Presidents of the United States United States and other foreign states. Its School of Dentistry is much more dedicated to research. It is the School where Dr. David De Franco obtained his specialization in Orthodontics, and where Dr. Lino Calvani held lessons, at the Department of Prosthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry directed by Prof. Robert Wright.

UCONN - University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut Health Center is a large and beautiful public facility located in Farmington, Connecticut, located on a hill, two hours' drive from Boston and two hours from New York City. Very valid both clinically and as a research center, it has an excellent faculty whose qualities are recognized internationally. It is the School where Dr. De Franco studied and graduated, and where Dr. Lino Calvani has been invited to give lectures at the excellent Department of Reconstructive Sciences directed by the excellent Prof. John Agar, Prof. Avi Bidra, and Prof. Tom Taylor who holds the position of Chair there.

Strathclyde University


Strathclyde University is a large, important and famous university, located in a central area of Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the United Kingdom. In this University, one of the most recognized faculties is that of Engineering, in which the Department of Bio-Engineering is very well established and appreciated with its very important Experimental Research Center, located in the Wolfson Building Center. In this Unit, Dr. Lino Calvani obtained his two-year Master's degree in "APPLIED BIOMECHANICAL ENGINEERING" directed by the excellent and unforgettable Prof. Eng. Sandy Nicol.

Cornell University

Cornell Logo

CORNELL is a famous university located in Ithaca, New York State. It contains many Schools, Colleges and Departments of Medicine, Astrophysics and Social Sciences. Famous NASA scientists Carl Sagan, physicists Richard Feynman, Linus Pauling and many others have filled and continue to fill its history with glory. At this University, Dr. Calvani studied "EXECUTIVE HEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP" as well as "HEALTHCARE CHANGE MANAGEMENT" at the College of Human Ecology and the Johnson College of Business, guided and examined by numerous Professors and Tutors of many and various Departments.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


It is the large and famous University in the beautiful City of Thessaloniki, Greece. Its faculty is made up mostly of professors who speak perfect English because they have studied for many years in the best universities in the world. The Department of Prosthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry is one of the most modern and equipped in the world, and access to degree and specialization courses is difficult even for the most prepared students. There Dr. Calvani obtained his PhD in "PROSTHODONTICS", (Summa cum Laude), under the guidance of Prof. and Directors A. Pissiotis, K. Michalakis, and Chairman P. Koidis.

Oxford University

Oxford Logo

OXFORD University is the fifth University in the annual world rankings, (2021). This is due to his teaching ability, based on extremely strict metrics both for the selection of his Faculty and his students, and for the quality of his teaching as well as for his usually very low evaluations even for the best. It is the largest in the United Kingdom, occupies an entire city, and competes with Cambridge in terms of number of Nobel Prize winners, scientists and illustrious scholars. In this University, the Department of Oncology is one of the most appreciated globally for studies and research on cancer. In this Unit Dr. Lino Calvani obtained his second Biennial Master's Degree in "EXPERIMENTAL AND TRANSLATIONAL THERAPEUTICS", directed by the excellent Prof. Len Seymore and Professor Elaine Johnstone.

UER- European University of Rome


The European University of Rome is a beautiful university located in the green suburbs of Rome. Its Faculties of Economics, Law, Psychology, Primary Education Sciences, Tourism and Digital Transition Management are highly qualified. The University's Department of Economics allows students to acquire skills in existing socio-economic dynamics and how they can affect our lives; to understand and know how to evaluate the strategic, organisational, productive and commercial choices of a company, knowing how to analyze and evaluate the data present in the accounting documents and the economic-financial impact of a project in order to make important and intelligent decisions. The 3rd Master's degree obtained by Dr. Lino Calvani in "SUSTAINABLE HUMNA RESOURCE MANAGEMENT", teaches these skills necessary for an increasingly greater need for sustainable behavior towards nature and people, thanks to the guidance of the excellent Professor Silvia Profili, responsible of the Department of Economics.

MIT – Massachussetts Institute of Technology

Mit Logo

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, is second in the world university ranking, (2021), located in Cambridge in the city of Boston. 98 Nobel Prize winners have studied there, as well as a notable number of important scientists and scholars in the medical, engineering, economic and social sciences. Dr. Calvani is completing his studies begun in OXFORD, in the course of "BIOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES", of Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Recombinant DNA technology, Genomics, and Rational Medicine, at the Department of Biology directed by Professor E.S. Langer, 11th Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Science Advisor to the President of the United States in the Office of the President.

Semmelweiss University


Semmelweiss University is located in the beautiful city of Budapest. The Faculty Teaching Centre, opened in 2007, is one of the largest and most modern dental training and patient care centers in Europe. Its clinics and departments teach dental students from more than 35 countries, in Hungarian, English and German. Doctor Ludovica Calvani studied and graduated in Dentistry there. The University is associated with some American Universities, so many North American students enroll assiduously, because its faculty is highly qualified and internationally connected.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Policlinico Gemelli


This University and Hospital is among the most famous in Italy and Europe, both for its educational offering and for its great therapeutic and healing capabilities. A very large number of Italian and foreign patients turn to it and are successfully treated there. The Popes of Rome and many other Personalities have always turned to his care. There, Dr. Ludovica Calvani is passionately finalizing her Specialty in Orthodontics, having already obtained a Master's Degree in Orthodontics there.


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